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Doesn't science require faith too?

Certainly the acceptance of science requires faith, but not the same kind of faith that belief in god requires. Faith, in the sense of "faith in science" means confidence that the methods are sound; faith in the sense of "faith in God" is the belief that God exists in the absence of evidence sufficient for belief.

To believe that science is the best tool to explain the world around us only requires us to understand what the scientific process is and how it works. This knowledge is available to anyone who cares to seek it out. Those who are familiar with science know that science is not infallible. The fact that scientific knowledge continuously improves is evidence of that. If something improves, then it was not perfect before it improved. Since we expect science to continuously improve, then we cannot believe that scientific knowledge is perfect at this moment. Students of history know that belief about god changes as well. The difference is how those changes come about. Scientific changes occur as newer technologies enable us to refine (in most cases) or disprove (in rarer cases) old theories or to prove new ones. Theological changes occur either for political reasons or when a sect breaks off from an older religion. This is not a system that engenders much confidence!

Of course not all theists believe that science and theism are at odds. But most everyone in modern society, including those theists who do believe that science and their theology are at odds, has faith in science! No one would doubt that the earth revolves around the sun or that atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. No one would doubt the methods that led science to explain the cosmos or atoms. Yet when theists feel that science challenges their theology, they side with their theology, even when the scientific evidence is much stronger than the evidence supporting the theology. This type of faith, which ignores evidence, is not the same type of faith that science requires.

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