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Proof of God from Morality

"Why is murder bad then? Why is stealing wrong? Why is lying wrong? Why should we respect one another? What is decent? You cannot avoid God's moral Law. God wrote His law on your heart. That is why you have guilt."

Posted to Christian Worldview Network, 12/07/06 05:46:20

First, we have to agree on what we mean by "morality". That is, we have to understand what we mean by "bad" and "wrong". For example: is it wrong that a lion kills a deer to feed it's young? You and I (and the lions) would probably agree that it is not wrong. But the deer would not agree. How is this relevant to our current question? It's an illustration of how "bad" and "wrong" are relative terms that depend on your viewpoint.

Let's use the name "cosmic viewpoint" to describe the realization that nothing we humans can do is either good or bad because we're all just as much part of nature as the lion or the deer; just a spec of stardust in the vastness of the universe, so small we can't even imagine. From this cosmic viewpoint, nothing that happens to us or anything else on earth, really matters. We die, we no longer exist, and how we died no longer matters. It's as if we never lived, just like it was before we were born.

But we don't always judge everything from this cosmic viewpoint; we often view our universe in relation to ourselves. The deer sees the lion's attack as "bad" from this viewpoint because deer suffer at the hand (well...paw) of lions. The lion sees the same act as "good" since deer provide a vital source of food lions. Humans see the killing of other humans as wrong - it's a source of danger for us, our family members, and others for whom we care. Humans who feel a since of connection with other forms of life view killing of animals for food as wrong - those who feel less a sense of connection do not. Some people are outraged over cruelty to dogs or cows, others don't mind working in animal shelters or slaughter houses.

Like many other types animals, humans have evolved as social animals. As other social animals, we have evolved a sense of empathy. Our ability to empathize with other humans (and even animals in certain cases) gives us a sense of right and wrong. What is bad for us is "wrong". But because we feel for others also (that is, we empathize), what's bad for those we empathize with is "wrong" as well. Genetic studies and statistical analysis demonstrate that empathy is a genetic and environmental phenomenon rather than a God-given moral law (see Sociobiology of Sociopathy and The Empathetic Brain).

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