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"Heaven" is really the Sky

If you've ever read descriptions in the Bible about Heaven, you know that the Bible's authors understood Heaven to be no more and no less than the sky above. But Reggie Finley, a.k.a. The Infidel Guy, has gone beyond the familiar biblical imagery and puts the belief about Heaven squarely in the context of even more ancient cultures that believed the same thing. You'll want to take notes for this one! So open your Notepad (or VI if you're in Linux), settle in and watch:

In our modern worldview informed by science, we know that the Earth is round and is adrift in space, tethered to the Sun by gravity, right? Not so fast! In the same amazing way that modern day people can look at the overwhelming evidence for a 13.7 billion-year-old universe and insist that it is only 6 thousand years old, and in the same amazing way that modern day people can look at overwhelming evidence for evolution and believe that fully developed animals were created in a day, some people still believe that the earth is flat and that heaven in the sky! No kidding! Just listen:

You can read more about the Flat Earth Society at Wikipedia.

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