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Fundamentalist Christianity - What's Not to Like?

What is the appeal of fundamentalist Christianity? For one thing, fundamentalists don't need any background or training; just a Bible. As a fundamentalist, you can just read it for yourself and you can presume that God is showing you what it means right there on the spot. You don't have to worry yourself with knowledge of ancient history to provide you with a context for understanding the various books of the Bible, who wrote them and why they were written; you just need to be willing to accept the teachings of fundamentalist leaders who also lack the necessary background. This allows you the luxury of not having to think very hard for yourself. Sweet!

Another big advantage is that you can simply ignore people who actually do have a bona-fide background in theology, ancient history, ancient cultures and languages, and ancient manuscripts. After all, how can such "scholars" compete with God Almighty who is giving you your own personal guided tour through scripture. This turns out to be a real time saver since you don't have to fritter away long hours learning about any of that stuff yourself. With just one good "get thee behind me Satan!" you can dismiss the entire scholarly community as a bunch of idiots and heretics. SWEET!!

With all these advantages, why wouldn't everyone want to be a fundamentalist Christian? One gnawing problem for most of us rational thinkers (both theists and atheists) is our inability to cope with that much cognitive dissonance. It's not as easy for us to turn a blind eye to facts and reason, just because they might threaten our narrow world view. We are less comfortable with circular reasoning like "the Bible is the Word of God because it is perfect" and "any apparent errors in the Bible must be due to our own misinterpretation because the Bible is the Word of God". But thank God for fundamentalist Christians everywhere who are so generously willing to help us conquer these weaknesses!

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