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"From dust thou art..."

The tallest mountains ever seen on Titan - coated with layers of organic material and blanketed by clouds - have been imaged by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. Organic material appears in ancient meteorites. So with the universe brimming with organic material, the very same stuff we are made of, why would the inerrant "Word of God" claim that God created us from dust?

The word "dusk" found in Genesis is not a vague word that could mean primordial goo or mud. The Hebrew word used is "aw-fawr" (Strong's number H6083 - from H6080: "dust (as powdered or gray); hence clay, earth, mud: - ashes, dust, earth, ground, morter, powder, rubbish."

"Forgive O Lord, my little joke on thee, and I'll forgive Thy great big joke on me" - Robert Frost
If God went to all the trouble to create a universe brimming with organic material, the very stuff of life, then make man out of dust? And after making man out of dust, why would God try to cover his tracks by making the dust creature seem to be made of the same organic stuff that permeates the rest of the universe? Either Genesis is not literally true, or God is deliberately deceiving us.

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