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America's Many Faces of God

4 Gods According to a Baylor University study released 9-Sept-2006, Americans believe in 4 different types of gods:
  • 31.4% believe in an Authoritarian God who is very judgmental and engaged
  • 25% believe in a Benevolent God who is not judgmental but engaged
  • 23% believe in a Distant God who is completely removed
  • 16% believe in a Critical God who is judgmental but not engaged
The results also shows relationships between the 4 god types and race, geographic regions and education:
  • African-Americans believe overwhelmingly in an Authoritarian God (53.4 percent)
  • Easterners tend towards belief in a Critical God; Southerners tend towards an Authoritarian God; Midwesterners believe in a Benevolent God; and the West Coast believes in a Distant God.
  • Individuals with lower educations and lower incomes tend towards more engaged images of God.

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